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The days of Bucharest festival was the ceremonial occasion to celebrate the city’s 555th anniversary in 2014. For this special purpose iMapp 555 performance has been created by selected international artists, above all by Maxin10sity as the project art curator.


A more than a year long production for the World’s largest theater stage was challenging while it gave us so much new experience and vision that we are grateful for.


The first Borealis – a festival of light was born in October 2018. Maxin10sity partnered up with Modern Enterprises to bring light art to the public. 


Maxin10sity took place at the Schlosslichtspiele Karlsruhe for the fourth time, but with something different this year. We combined projection mapping with acrobatic acts to tell the story of I'MMORTAL.


Maxin10sity has been in charge to create a breathtaking 3D light show for Audi AG in Ingolstadt, Germany. The aim of this spectacular show was to express the gratefulness towards the employees of Audi and the habitants of Ingolstadt for making procreation of the new Audi A5 Coupe happen.


After last year’s big success at the 300th anniversary of Karlsruhe, the city wanted to bring the unbelievable experience back to town with Maxin10sity. 


Maxin10sity made the final act of the Bicentennial celebrations of the prestigious University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, USA. Hailstorm! shows the most important happenings of the 200 years old institute and try to enchant the audience into the 3rd century of the University! Our piece was projected on one the main buildings of the Ann Arbor campus, the Rackham Graduate School Building. Happy Birthday University of Michigan!


The "Parallel Universes" artwork has been designed for 2015 Art Vision Projection Mapping Competition as part of the annual Circle of Light Moscow International Festival.


Being back to Karlsruhe for the third time resulted in another unique show as always. This year the story of Genesis, the “Structures of Life” definitely took people off of their feet. 


For the first time Maxin10sity amazed the people in Binghamton, New York during the LUMA Projection Arts Festival. 


The German City of Karlsruhe celebrates its 300th anniversary in 2015 with a 15-week summer festival. On this special occasion the program series of Castle Lights ("Schlosslichtspiele") framed the celebration with the Grand Opening Show of “300 fragments” designed by Maxin10sity.


Maxin10sity has been honoured by one of the best known light art festivals in the world, the Festival of Lights 2015 to perform the Grand Opening Show on Brandenburg Gate and to act as the Festival’s Art Consultant in organizing other projection mapping projects.


For the 300th anniversary of Szeged, Maxin10sity created a 3D projection mapping show that crowned the months-long celebrations of the city by retrospect the history of the past three centuries. Vivifying the most important moments of Szeged on the facade was the result of the team work of our technical partner Visualpower Kft and Maxin10sity. The event organized by IH Rendezvényközpont indeed made a great impression in the city.


Pandora’s Box, created for the LUMA Projection Arts Festival in Binghamton is an audiovisual show actually inspired by the Greek Mythology. Pandora’s box itself provides the frame for the show, while visualizing elements from the Greek mythology along the production in both concrete and abstract ways. This way, we may have a teaser of the Legend of Daedalus and Icarus, Atlantis, classical Greek temples while in the end we see Medusa, one of the 3 Gorgos, realized as the evil. Besides the Greek style symbols that sew around the entire piece, the music is inspired by Greek motifs as well, that is presented in a modern form.


For this year’s LUMA Projection Arts Festival, our team brought back the 80’s style with the work: Cyber Dream – The Neon Unconscious.

We proudly present the so far biggest projection mapping show in Hungary, that most of you have been awaiting for. Our beloved work for the Opening Ceremony of 17th Fina World Championships was made in collaboration with Bordos.Artworks and technically supported by VisualPower Kft, on the façade of the emblematic Buda Castle with the organization by MÜPA. During the ceremony this mapping show brighten the building in different topics like Renaissance, the presentation of the Championships’ locations and then crown the event with the finale mapping.

Another marvelous project came alive in Bucharest, Romania. Maxin10sity was in charge to light up the National Museum of Art at the Spotlight Festival 2017.


On the 2nd of June after a six-day-long fascinating projection show Maxin10sity managed to amaze the audience by creating a catching atmosphere with an inimitable World Premiere show at the head office of Audi in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Our prestigious Art Director László Czigány was invited to be an essential part of the group of great artists of Hungary. They lighted up the University of Debrecen 18-19 August, 2016 as a part of the carnival with the theme: Contrasts.
Bordos.ArtWorks was in charge to make this high-standard event happen. The show took the people off of their feet.


Maxin10sity’s art director designed an award winning performance for 2013 Art Vision Competition as part of the annual Circle of Light Moscow International Festival.


Maxin10sity’s contest artwork was created for 2014 Art Vision Competition as part of the annual Circle of Light Moscow International Festival.


Maxin10sity is able to provide to all of its clients technical support through its partners. We offer a ‘turnkey’ solution for projection events including supplying the projection systems, crewing and logistics.


Genius Loci Weimar Festival is one the leading international audio-visual art events in this area for site-specific facade projection to commemorate outstanding personalities and iconic buildings.


The Prague Signal Festival is the largest showcase of light art and emerging technologies in the Czech Republic with a long echo on international stage by now. It has become the most-visited cultural event in the country turning public spaces, squares, streets and parks of Prague into a giant and shining gallery.


Maxin10sity was invited to create an artwork on the facades of Place des Célestins in support of the charitable operation “Lumignons du coeur” (heart candles)

After last year’s great success Maxin10sity took part in the second edition of the Berlin Light Festival. Besides handling the artists as the art curator , the company was responsible for the stunning intro mapping for the iconic building of Berlin, the TV Tower with the topic Art and Nature.


Maxin10sity Maxin10sity appeared on a new stage by presenting an animation in the Abdullah bin Khalifa football stadium in Qatar. The company’s latest work was made for the Closing Ceremony of the Jeem Cup which football cup was organized for the kids from 16 different countries. The atmosphere of the event was created by the co-operation with the sound of acknowledgement by the children and the audiovisual experience by the animation.


Maxin10sity’s contest winning artwork was created for 2014 Chartres en Lumières (Chartres in Lights) that is one of the city’s major events and spectacular attractions.


The Battle of Champions 7 is one of the strongest tournaments of martial arts in the world. The widely known competition and the regional reputation are enhanced by on-site theatrical installations of visual performances.


Maxin10sity celebrated the New Year in Murcia, Spain with a breathtaking show on the building of the City Hall called Moneo.


The logo animation has been designed on behalf of Christie Digital, one of the world’s leading companies in display technology, on the facade of the historic Bolshoi Theatre.

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