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We project.


We project your dreams and demands into visual power.


We project your needs and vision into eye-catching reality.


We project marketing into business success, branding into magnetic awareness.


We project our skills and abilities on the map of international projection mapping.


We project cars, buildings, objects, stage in high quality shows.   


We project values.




Inventive. Incentive. Intensive.


Art of projection mapping. Creation to your maximum degree.

Maxin10sity - This is who we are.

Tamas Vaspori

Managing Director

Andras Sass

Creative Director

Laszlo Czigany

Art Director

Agnes Szentannai

Production Manager

Creation of Maxin10sity is a result of our passion and intensity. Passion to projection mapping and intensity to find new forms of creative design. Maximum intensity in artistic ideas, modern technology, award-winning expertise and international business.



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