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Turn it into maximum volume with music, dance and light effects! Maxin10sity keeps working for years to fascinate the audience with more impressive and more spectacular show. Numerous events, conferences, fashion shows, gala awards prove the excellence of LED and other dance productions. The 7-member Dirty LED Light Crew, winner of the Hungary’s Got Talent in 2015 is on stage for more than 10 years constantly searching for new elements and styles to get integrated in the show.




Maxin10sity offers impressive, ready-made productions combining theatrical performance with visual attraction.  







There is no light like it. The most vivid, saturated color palette available. A contrast ratio unsurpassed by the best film and video technologies. The ability to reach out in three dimensions and shower an audience with cascades of beams or embrace them in waves of moving light. It is about enchanting an audience with dreamlike visions. It is about exciting crowds with visual effects that move faster than any other light-form. It is about engaging clients and customers with captivating images that move with a liquid-smooth animation style. Today's laser displays: creating visions that others only dream of.



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