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The Prague Signal Festival is the largest showcase of light art and emerging technologies in the Czech Republic with a long echo on international stage by now. It has become the most-visited cultural event in the country turning public spaces, squares, streets and parks of Prague into a giant and shining gallery. Artworks are prepared by professionals from all over the world (Australia, South Korea, Turkey, France, Spain or Finland). Maxin10sity had the special honour to create the Festival Opening Show by mapping on the Kinsky Palace at the city’s most visited touristic attractions, the Old Town Square. The production’s central motif is the fast-moving world of dreams like a virtual playground, entitled "Dreamforge". But what could be the meaningful interpretation of our dreams?




Opening Show for Signal Festival

Building: Kinsky Palace

Prague, Czech Republic, 15-18/10/2014

Client: Signal Festival

Art Directors: Laszlo Czigany, Andras Sass

3D Artists: Laszlo Czigany, Andras Sass, Gergely Illes, Daniel Cseuz, Benedek Pozsgay, Szabolcs Balazs Jozsa

Project Manager: Tamas Vaspori



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