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Maxin10sity appeared on a new stage by presenting an animation in the Abdullah bin Khalifa football stadium in Qatar. The company’s latest work was made for the Closing Ceremony of the Jeem Cup which football cup was organized for the kids from 16 different countries. The atmosphere of the event was created by the co-operation with the sound of acknowledgement by the children and the audiovisual experience by the animation.

Jeem Cup

Location: Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadion

Doha, Qatar, 16/02/2016

Client: Jeem TV

Art Directors: Laszlo Czigany, Andras Sass

3D Artists: Laszlo Czigany, Andras Sass, Gergely Illes, Ujj Bea

2D Artists: Gyula Pozsgay, Levente Ruckert

Invited Artist Team: Video Architects

Music: Big Total Audio

Project Managemant: Tamas Vaspori, Agnes Szentannai




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