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Pandora’s Box, created for the LUMA Projection Arts Festival in Binghamton is an audiovisual show actually inspired by the Greek Mythology. Pandora’s box itself provides the frame for the show, while visualizing elements from the Greek mythology along the production in both concrete and abstract ways. This way, we may have a teaser of the Legend of Daedalus and Icarus, Atlantis, classical Greek temples while in the end we see Medusa, one of the 3 Gorgos, realized as the evil. Besides the Greek style symbols that sew around the entire piece, the music is inspired by Greek motifs as well, that is presented in a modern form.



Pandora's Box  - LUMA Festival

Binghampton, USA, 11/09/2019

Client: Luma Light Festival

Director: Andras Sass

Art Directors: Norbert Birgany, Alex Szabo, Laszlo Czigany

Music: Flaviu Ciocan, Marton Horvath, Adam Hegyi, Bendeguz Kovacs

3D Artists: Tamas Varga, Norbert Baranyai, Balazs Peter, Dani Cseuz, Szilvia Fabok, Ivo Kovacs, Laszlo Czigany, Andras Sass

Concept Artists: Norbert Birgany, Norbert Szabo, Krisztian Gacsi, Alex Szabo

Producer: Tamas Vaspori

Project Manager: Agnes Szentannai

Office Manager: Adrien Kelemen


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