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The uniquely Lyonnaise tradition of “Fête des Lumières” dating from 1852 makes every citizen place candles along the outsides of all the windows to produce a spectacular effect throughout the streets. This way of expression of gratitude to the Virgin Mary has become the world’s principal event for creative light displays, known as the Festival of Lights. Laszlo Czigany, the art director of Maxin10sity was invited to create an artwork on the facades of Place des Célestins in support of the charitable operation “Lumignons du coeur” (heart candles). This event is an act of collective solidarity that involves the creation of a fresco with candles representing the logo of the association that was called this year “Les petits frères des pauvres" (little brothers of the poor). Maxin10sity has donated to the event by producing a unique mapping animation.



Festival of Lights (Lyon) 2013

Building: Place des Célestins

Lyon, France, 06-09/12/2013

Client: Festival of Lights

Art Director: Laszlo Czigany

Music: Ferenc Balogh Jr.



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