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VIVID Grand Show 


Berlin, Germany, 28/07/2018

Working for Berlin’s spectacular theater, the Friedrichstadt-Palast was a wonderful honour for us. A more than a year long production for the World’s largest theater stage was challenging while it gave us so much new experience and vision that we are grateful for. Vivifying the magnificent set design by projection mapping lent a catchy atmosphere to the 2-hour-long show. Being the member of this group of international experts inspired us big time.



Client: Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin

Producer: Dr. Berndt Schmidt

Director: Krista Monson and Oliver Hoppmann

Design Director and costume supervisor: Philip Treacy

Costume Design: Stefano Canulli

Set Design: Michael Cotten

Lightning Design and programming: Chris Moylan

Music Director and music supervisor: Daniel Behrens

ComposersDave Kochanski, Arne Schumann and Josef Bach

Sound Design: Cedric Beatty

ChoreographersAlexandra Georgieva, Deann Lee, Leo Mujic, Fredrik B. Rydman, Denis We, Edesia Moreno Barata

Comedic act designer: Shannan Calcutt

Video Design: Maxin10sity

Project Manager: Agnes Szentannai

Art Directors: Andras Sass, Laszlo Czigany

Lead Artist: Norbert Birgany

3D Artists: Tamas Varga, Laszlo Czigany, Daniel Cseuz, Szilvia Fabok, Ivo Kovacs, Viktor Lukacs, Balázs Péter, Norbert Baranyai, Andras Sass, Karoly Kormoczi

2D Artist: Norbert Birgany, Krisztian Gacsi, Norbert Szabo, Peter Kovacsics

In cooperation with: Global Illumination

Producer: Tamas Vaspori



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