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Building: Karlsruhe Palace 

Karlsruhe, Germany, 28/07/2018

Our protagonist Asheem is a young performer in the prime of his life in the ancient times, who is preparing for the most dangerous performance in the heights he has ever done so far. The act has been quite superb until he makes a mistake and falls into the depths. The audience thinks Asheem may not have survived this fall, nevertheless at the time of hitting the ground, he gets to a place beyond time, to the threshold of afterlife. He meets the emissary of the light who opens the gate to his final retirement, but at that exact same moment the champion of darkness emerges, who entices our hero with the "blessing" of eternal life, who actually accepts it and returns to the real time and world in a new, immortal form. Asheem lives countless eras in which he even finds love in Sheena's personality, but while he survives the passing time, his partner of lifetime does not. Friendships (Sam, the sailor) will not prove to be more durable either, as people can pass away in unexpected accidents. Understanding diverse ages seems to be difficult to him, when human relationships rather happen in the virtual space than in real life. It all leads to the fact, that for Asheem mortals do not mean too much, they are only memories of passing moments that are not worth getting to know, because he will lose them in the short term anyway. Therefore, Asheem is caught by a deep crazy depression and falls to the depths of his soul because neither hell nor heaven accept him, since his body and soul are chained to the Earth. At the end of his madness, he finds the key to the ultimate redemption to meet those who he has lost throughout his seemingly endless life. 



Client: ZKM Karlsruhe / Karslruhe Event GmbH / Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe

Director: Andras Sass

Artists: Renato Illes, Gabor Zsiros, Akos Biritz,Zsanett Veress, Richard Herczeg, Csilla Wittmann, Laszlo Farkas 

Art Directors: Andras Sass, Laszlo Czigany

Lead Artist: Norbert Birgany

3D Artists: Tamas Varga, Laszlo Czigany, Daniel Cseuz, Szilvia Fabok, Ivo Kovacs, Viktor Lukacs, Balázs Péter, Norbert Baranyai, Andras Sass, Maxime Guislain, Gabor Abbas

Character Animation: Bea Ujj

2D Artist: Norbert Birgany, Krisztian Gacsi, Norbert Szabo, Peter Kovacsics

Music: Big Total Audio (Marton Horvath, Flaviu Ciocan) Daniel Szanto, Gabor Revesz, Balint Bak

Producer: Tamas Vaspori

Project Manager: Agnes Szentannai



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