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Structures of Life

Building: Karlsruhe Palace 

Karlsruhe, Germany, 03/08/2017

Being back to Karlsruhe for the third time resulted in another unique show as always. This year the story of Genesis, the “Structures of Life” definitely took people off of their feet. The artwork was meant to present the origin of life on Earth from the very beginning until the near future by mixing the realistic and impressive abstract elements.



Client: ZKM Karlsruhe / Karslruhe Event GmbH / Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe

Director: Andras Sass

Art Directors: Andras Sass, Laszlo Czigany

3D Artists: Laszlo Czigany, Andras Sass, Gergely Illes, Daniel Cseuz, Szilvia Fabok, Ivo Kovacs, Viktor Lukacs, Balázs Péter, Dániel Szalkó, Antonin Krizanic, Gábor Abbas

2D Artist: Norbert Birgany

Music: Big Total Audio

Producer: Tamas Vaspori

Project Manager: Agnes Szentannai



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