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Al-Rayyan Football Stadium in Doha

Maxin10sity had the honor of creating the show for the official inauguration of Al-Rayyan Football Stadium in Doha, Qatar in December 2020. The brand-new stadium officially opened by His Highness the Amir of Qatar, will be one of the homes of the Football World Cup 2022!

Our stunning 8min show was followed by huge applause from the audience of 30.000 spectators onsite (with the consideration of safety restrictions), as well as all attending from the VIP box in the stadium. In addition to this, the show has been very well received by hundreds of thousands of people through the live broadcast on Television.

On the day, the celebration consisted of three components:

  • The National Day of Qatar

  • Amir Cup Final 2020 (The first game ever hosted in the stadium)

  • Inauguration of Al-Rayyan Stadium


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