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Magnificent moment for Maxin10isty – Winner of Most InAVative Live Event of the Year at InAVation Aw

Maxin10sity is honoured to be chosen among to the best project winners of the year as the best Live Event at InAVation Awards 2017 with the breath-taking Audi Late Light Show. Within the confines of such a prestigious record-breaking event InAVation Awards 2017, the best AV projects of the industry were announced in several categories from all over the World. The organisers have never faced such a huge amount of interest to this event before. This impressive Audi Late Light Show was made for AUDI AG at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt, Germany. This outstanding, award-winning event could not have happened without the cooperation and support of Team Audi Communications, NIYU media projects , loop light , VER GmbH and Pure Perfection, so thank you all for such a brilliant project!

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